Trilogy Rings

A trilogy ring is also popularly known as a trinity ring or a three stone ring. The trilogy ring design traditionally has a large stone in the centre, with two smaller stones of equal size positioned on its sides. However, a trilogy ring can also contain three stones of the same size.

Another tradition is to use different types of stones in the trilogy ring design. Perhaps you would like a diamond in the centre and sapphires on the sides? In our collection of trilogy diamond ring designs you’ll see how we used different diamond cuts and precious stones to create captivating pieces, so you can have an original look on your finger.

These types of rings are appropriate for different occasions and can be a special symbol, no matter who you give it to. You can decide what the trilogy ring meaning will be that you want to communicate. For couples, the three stones may represent ‘to love, honour and cherish’ each other while friends can gift such a ring as a symbol of ‘love, friendship and devotion’. Or perhaps your trilogy ring meaning will simply be ‘past, present and future’. It’s clear why the trilogy ring design is so popular: it has such versatility.