Solitaire with Small Diamond Rings

What is more stylish and elegant than a solitaire diamond ring with diamond band effects to accentuate the main stone? Do you dream of a round solitaire ring with diamond band or something different like an Iolite stone? Our range includes many different solitaire with diamond band designs to cater for every customer’s preference.

This is another of our classic ring design styles and you can never go wrong if you consider one of them as a gift. They present well on any hand size and are appropriate for all age groups. And did you know as much as 25% of engaged women receive a solitaire ring design when their partners pop the question? By picking a solitaire diamond with diamond band for additional emphasis, the bride will feel extra special to receive your token of love. It’s also an eye-catching choice to pair this type of solitaire ring with eternity band rings, creating the perfect duo.

In our vast range of solitaire ring with diamonds on band collection you’ll find many different styles, from modern to classic. You can also decide what size diamond you prefer, usually from 0.35 carats up to 2 carats or even more.