Tanzanite Rings

Did you know tanzanite is 1000 times rarer than diamonds? And that’s just one of the reasons why this zoisite mineral is so sought after.

You can buy tanzanite ring designs containing stones with colours ranging from the well-known blue to violet and even purple. This stone hails from Tanzania, near Mount Kilimanjaro, also taking its name from this country. Yes, only one source exists and with the limited amount of this stone available, it’s a beautiful and smart investment to buy your women’s or men’s tanzanite rings now.

Similar to many other gemstones, your tanzanite ring’s value will depend on how the 4 Cs apply to the stone. This includes its clarity, colour, carat weight and the cut. Working with tanzanite requires special skills, since it’s a softer stone. This makes us proud to help you buy tanzanite ring options that incorporate quality designs. They all have expertly set tanzanite stones, using settings that display their beauty perfectly.

The tanzanite rings for sale in our store come in various designs, so anyone can find one that suits their personal style. In addition, pick a metal of your preference and even request a different size stone to get the custom tanzanite rings you dream of.