Cluster / Halo Rings

A halo ring has a center stone that’s surrounded by a complete loop of smaller gems. On the other hand, a cluster halo ring design has a group of smaller diamonds set close together to resemble a larger stone. These stones are cut to equal sizes and often form a geometric shape.

The cluster ring is a popular choice because they come in unique designs. A cluster halo diamond ring sparkles more because of the many encrusted stones on the band. People often choose cluster halo designs because of their antique aesthetic. This means that a diamond cluster ring is timeless and can be passed down as a family heirloom.

Round diamonds are characteristically used to crust halo rings because they’re easier to group together or design peculiar shapes. This cluster design offers a unique look of texture and dimension and it provides a lower cost option to buying a larger diamond ring.

The term halo is used to describe a phenomenon where crystals in the atmosphere interact with light in the sky and form a bright ring around the moon or sun. You can see the circular light effect in a halo setting and the brilliance of the cluster of gems especially when they surround a middle stone of a different colour.