Full / Half Eternity Rings

A half eternity ring has diamonds that run along the top half of the band. You also get a full diamond eternity ring that has diamonds all around the band’s circumference. Most people choose half eternity rings for comfort because the stones and their settings don’t irritate the fingers. This eternity ring design allows for larger gems to be placed on top of the band.

An eternity band represents everlasting love so they make perfect engagement rings. It’s also a romantic gift that you can present to your spouse on special occasions. On the other hand, they can also mark important birthdays such as a person’s 21st, 30th or 40th.

An interesting fact about the diamond eternity ring is that its meaning is derived from the ancient Egyptians. The circle was a powerful symbol that represented eternity. The people of Ancient Egypt also believed that a bond between a married man and woman was so strong that not even death could interrupt their union.

Diamonds are the most popular stone of choice when designing the half or full eternity ring because they enhance its meaning. Diamonds represent faith, love and purity. Choosing coloured gems for an eternity ring is suitable when gifting the band on a special occasion such as an anniversary or birthday.